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Civil Defence in the Wanganui District

Welcome to Civil Defence Emergency Management. Here you will find information about how to be prepared and what to do in an emergency, and details of previous emergencies in the Wanganui District.

Civil Defence is all about people helping people. It is all of us working together to take care of our community’s needs in an emergency event.

If there is an emergency, everyone needs to be self-reliant and prepared to survive in their own homes for at least three days without assistance, other than from their neighbours.

In an emergency, Civil Defence co-ordinates a wide range of groups and agencies to:

  • Help prevent loss of life.
  • Help the injured and relieve distress.
  • Help return the community to normal.

Wanganui Civil Defence Emergency Management is there to help people in an emergency event. The Wanganui District Council and the Police, Fire and Ambulance services may not be able to manage the situation on their own. The Civil Defence network is able to bring together extra resources to help these services cope.

An emergency could occur at any time in the Wanganui District. Possible emergencies include:

You must be prepared for emergencies and be a survivor.

Civil Defence is a purely administrative organisation that facilitates emergency work in times of disaster. Staff are planners and educators. You must be prepared to look after yourself and your family for at least three days.

A Civil Defence Centre may be opened in the event of an emergency. This centre could be in a community facility (like a school hall) and may be the base for a mobile support team which is made up of volunteers.

The support team’s role would be to gather information and advise Civil Defence Emergency Management of the degree or level of problems in that area.

Even after a disaster, someone still has to do the dishes!

Wanganui Civil Defence Sirens

A number of electronic warning sirens are stationed along the lower Whanganui River estuary and the Castlecliff coastline. These are primarily for warning of possible tsunami impact in the Wanganui area, with a separate large siren at Mowhanau.

Click here to listen to “The Sting”, the electronic warning sound which will be broadcast for official Civil Defence warnings. The local Wanganui urban sirens use the exact same sound.

The Civil Defence sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:30am.

If you hear a continuous sounding of the sirens, please tune in to your nearest working radio station and listen for information. Civil Defence will send correct information to the media as soon as possible.

Radio Stations

The local radio stations to listen to if there has been a major emergency in the Wanganui District are:

Awa FM 100FM
Classic Hits 89.6FM
More FM 92.8FM
National Radio 567AM or 101.6FM
Newstalk ZB 1197AM
Radio Live 96FM



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Civil Defence Emergency Management:
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Wanganui District Council,
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