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Wanganui District Plan

Welcome to the new look of our District Plan. This is currently a work in progress. Links between chapters will be added in early 2014 for ease of use.

For information on Phase 4 of the Wanganui District Plan Review, please visit this page as the information is not incorporated in the chapters below.


Title page (PDF, 42KB)

Contents (PDF, 14KB)

Council's Seal (PDF, 1.08MB)

Chapter 1
General Information (PDF, 257KB)

Chapter 2
Tangata Whenua (PDF, 116KB)

Chapter 3
Rural Environment (PDF, 305KB)

Chapter 4
Residential Environment (PDF, 519KB)

Chapter 5
Commercial Environment (PDF, 480KB)

Chapter 6
Industrial Environment (PDF, 209KB)

Chapter 7
Natural Environment (PDF, 286KB)

Chapter 8
Recognition and Reduction of Hazards (PDF, 237KB)

Chapter 9
Cultural Heritage (PDF, 239KB)

Chapter 10
District-wide Rules (PDF, 403KB)

Chapter 11
Subdivision and Infrastructure (PDF, 607KB)

Chapter 12
Designations (PDF, 123KB)

Chapter 13
Definitions (PDF, 384KB)

Chapter 14
Assessment Criteria (PDF, 373KB)

Chapter 15
Information Requirements (PDF, 206KB)

Chapter 16
Methods (PDF, 333KB)


Appendix A
Heritage Items (PDF, 74KB)

Appendix B
Designations (PDF, 76KB)

Appendix C
Protected Trees (PDF, 53KB)

Appendix D
Noise (PDF, 14KB)

Appendix E
Wanganui Airport Navigable Air Space (PDF, 11KB)

Appendix F
Hazardous Facility Screening Procedure (PDF, 59KB)

Appendix G
Central City Building Design Guidelines (PDF, 205KB)

Appendix H
Coastal Residential Zone (PDF, 76KB)

Appendix I
Wanganui District Engineering Document 2012

Appendix J
Springvale Indicative Development Plan (PDF, 1.24MB)


District Plan Maps